Kaunas, Lithuania

The aim the symposium is to promote the use of porcelain in the creation of contemporary art objects. Since 1970 Kaunas has a porcelain factory and therefore is one of the few European cities that maintains its tradition of bone china. The symposium will encourage the use of intellectual and technological innovations without forgetting the tradition of bone china (bone porcelain). The creative process will involve 3D modelling and printing with 3D ceramic printer which provides artists with new possibilities for their artistic expression.

The goal of the project is to create a high-level exhibition of professional art and at the same time to strengthen and reveal Lithuania as a country that fosters tradition of bone china. International artists participating in the symposium represent contemporary ceramic art in a global context and who also work in the interdisciplinary field of art. After getting familiar with the local environment and cultural context, participants create works of bone porcelain specially tailored for the intended exhibition space. This phase of the project is based on academic research, process awareness and discussion in order to reveal new ideas and discover new porcelain identity. Artworks created will be exhibited at the National M.K. Ciurlionis Museum collection.
In the framework of the symposium there is also educational program  that will involve children from art schools. The project is also open to general public – all interested are invited to open lectures, artists’ presentations  as well as the final exhibition.

The project is organized by: Department of Ceramics and Porcelain of Kaunas Faculty of Vilnius Academy of Arts. The project is partially financed by the Lithuanian Council of Culture.

Project manager: Head of Department of Ceramics and Porcelain of Kaunas Faculty of Vilnius Academy of Arts associate professor Remigijus Sederevicius, Maris Grosbahs, Giedra Petkeviciutė, Ieva Bertasiute Grosbaha.


Remigijus Sederevičius

Giedra Petkevičiūtė

Ieva Bertašiūtė-Grosbaha

An artist, researcher, currently PhD student at Vilnius Art Academy, she works interdisciplinary, she is not denying her base in ceramics. She is searching for the points where different disciplines of art and science meet each other.
“ My artwork is about searching. I do not intend to find, I do not want to. The process of searching, the excitement in it, the fear, the happiness, the disappointment and the sadness, that’s what interests me most.
I’m very fond of processes and ceramics is the discipline of processes – preparing the clay, forming it, process of drying, firing – many kinds of it. I strive for changing the ordinary processes of ceramics, I want to have my role and change the predefined rules in them. That’s why I use a tree bark as a “mold” or form my pieces to look as if they are paper-made. I am exploring the possibilities of ceramics as a material, the thickness, the deformation, the cracking.”

Maris Grosbahs