Alison Safford

Alison Safford is an artist from USA, she participates in the symposium remotely in collaboration with emerging Lithuanian artist Uršulė Baužaitė. Porcelain objects, needed in Alison‘s installation have been designed in 3D and then printed by Uršulė on a 3D ceramic printer.
Alison Safford is describes herself as an installation artist, combining objects and images (often moving images) in the attempt to have the viewer interact with the work. The relationships created through placement, movement, and image in my sculpture and installation mimics the discomfort and humor of human limitations through the uncomfortable or humorous placement of objects. That the viewer and the sculpture share the same space is vital. The viewer is to re-look at their own senses, body, and views. The use of placement, movement, and video, works to establish a tactile calling to the viewer I think of my artwork as a tool or machine to perform some metaphorical task (often an attempt to fix something that can’t be fixed or containing something that can’t be held). I examine complexities and seeming contradictions, intending to hit the viewer on both a cerebral and a sensorial level.