Audrius Janušonis

Audrius Janušonis is a Lithuanian ceramic artist (b. 1968) residing and teaching art in Alytus. He is active in the art field, his artistic career abundant of national and international prizes, numerous personal exhibitions and active participation in ceramic symposia. He creates figurative compositions, portraits, outdoor sculptures. His creative work is ever-changing, based on Expressionism, Surrealism, Pop-art stylistics, philosophical narrative, grotesque and melancholy.

Here is what  Audrius says about his work  in the symposium:

I decided to try out the sustainability of idea – I repeated the actions, made 15 years ago – poured bone china in the old moulds, took out the casts, retouched them, then fired, glazed and worried and waited. It was an attempt to wade into the same waters, which flew down the stream 15 years ago. The matter is the same, but how about idea – it’s too early to say.